How to Make Your Own Liqueur at Home?

Nowadays, a lot of people are forced to learn a new hobby out of boredom due to the current advent of social distancing. Since it turns out learning is quite enjoyable, a lot of individuals have taken to picking up new talents. So, if you are a liqueur enthusiast, this article is for you!

Liqueurs are simply the best. They are usually made of 3 main parts. This includes sweeter, flavoring, and alcohol. You might be rewarded with a tailored bottle of tastiness if you combine these ingredients based on your preferences.

Before you buy liquor online, here are several things you need to know about making liqueur:

Tools for Creating Liqueurs

Making liqueurs only require a couple of tools. You need to at least have a couple of measure cups, an alcohol hydrometer to measure ABV (alcohol by volume), and a minor kitchen scale. You can purchase all of these things online.

Typically, the base alcohol is something neutral. This includes vodka. However, you can utilize anything you want. You can build something off gin, brandy, whiskey, and rum. But, vodka is what most people choose.

Picking the Flavor

You have to choose what type of flavoring you like to utilize after you choose the base liquor. The truth is that you can use anything you want. Coffee, chocolate, and nuts are all liqueur staples. Fruits work nicely. You can also use anything you find in your spice cabinet. Do you want to use edible flowers? Well, you can always do so. Do you want a dried rosemary liqueur? Who’s stopping you? All you have to do is to ensure you do your homework. You have to guarantee that it is safe to drink. You shouldn’t take chances.


Infusing the ingredients into the base liquor is the next thing you’ll have to do. The amount you will actually require varies greatly on the ingredient. First, you can add 1L of spirit into a 2L glass mason jar. You can fill the rest of the jar with your preferred botanical or fruit. Also, it is best to slightly crush or cut whatever flavoring you want to infuse so that it will mix well with your base spirit.


Sweetening the liqueur is another step to keep in mind. Almost every individual utilizes regular table sugar. Nothing is wrong with this. However, Belgian beet sugar works great and does not generate a cloudy haze in the final result unlike regular sugar. You can purchase Belgian beet sugar in almost every home brewing supply shop. Obviously, you can utilize whatever you want and be creative. Maple syrup, honey, brown sugar, agave syrup, and a lot more have all been utilized for creating liqueurs. You can also utilize a product such as Stevia if you are planning to create a sugar-free liqueur. The level of sweetness will greatly depend on your preferences. The amount of sweetness you add to your liqueur will depend on your taste. Thus, you might have to do a bit of experimentation for this one.